Characterization, Theory and Modeling

Dr. Henia Arfa
National Engineering School of Monastir · LGM, Tunisia
Numerical simulation of incremental forming of composite material

Prof. Omer Eisa Babiker
University of Bahri, Sudan
Simulation models and their contribution to the manufacture and design of industrial materials

Prof. Antoine Barnabe
CIRIMAT – Université de Toulouse UPS – INP – CNRS, France
Advanced characterizations of nickel oxide (NiO) thin films : from its non-stoichiometry and Ni3+ evidence to its life-cycling and uncovering cation-trapping evidence in a monolithic inorganic electrochromic device.

Dr. Filippo Berto
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway
To be announced

Prof. Debashis De
West Bengal University of Technology, India
Carbon based nanoelectronics

Prof. Mohamed Ichchou (Keynote)
École Centrale de Lyon, France
Braod band dynamic behaviour of sandwich materials and structures

Dr. Mi-Young Im
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Static and dynamic behaviors of spin textures directly imaged by soft X-ray microscopy

Dr. Martin Owen Jones
University of St Andrews, UK
Characterising energy materials with neutron scattering techniques

Prof. Dafna Knani
Braude Academic College, Israel
Simulation of  organo- and hydrogelator systems

Prof. Sergey Kravchenko
Northeastern University, USA
Fermion condensation in a strongly correlated electron system

Dr. Chrysanthos Maraveas
University of Liege, Belgium
High temperature mechanical properties of High and Very High Strength Steel

Dr.MD Mathew
Saintgits College of Engineering, India
Innovative Methods of Characterising Mechanical Properties of Materials Using Small Specimens

Dr. Sahinur Reja
Indiana University, USA
Modelling the Superconductivity in low dimensional systems

Dr. Lihong Su
University of Wollongong, Australia
Multiscale sheet metals by plastic processing

Prof. Yong Xu
Tsinghua University, China
New topological gapless phenomena in ultralcold atomic gases

Prof. Shunqi Zhang
Shanghai University, China
Nonlinear analysis and active vibration control of piezoelectric laminated smart structures

Dr. Hanyu Zhao
Politecnico di Torino, Italy
The loss separation concept in soft magnetic materials: recent applications