Phase-Change Materials

Prof.Victor Kagalovsky
Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel
Stability of a topological insulator: interactions, disorder and parity of Kramers doublets 





  • Shiwei Long, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS, China
    Application-Oriented VO2 Thermochromic Coatings with Composite Structures: Optimized Optical Performance and Robust Fatigue Properties
  • Zewei Shao, Shanghai institute of Ceramics, CAS, China
    Strain dependent phase-transition properties in VO2 epitaxial films
  • Yang Wang, Shanghai institute of Ceramics, CAS, China
    Tunable Optical Properties in VO2 films with Localized Surface Plasmon Using Acid Etching Approach
  • Fang Xu, Shanghai institute of Ceramics, CAS, China
    Strategies for High Optical Performance of Vanadium Dioxide Films
  • Yang Yang, Shanghai institute of Ceramics, CAS, China
    Epitaxial Growth and Thermochromic Properties of B-phase VO2 Thin Films on SrTiO3 Substrate