• Bioceramics and medical applications
  • Ferroelectrics, Pyroelectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics
  • Dielectric Ceramics
  • Microwave Ceramics and Tunable Ceramics
  • Magnetic, Semiconductive and Superconductive Ceramics
  • Optical Ceramics and Single Crystals
  • Electronic Ceramics
  • Ceramics for Energy and Environment
  • Other topics related to Ceramics

Prof. Xiao Huang
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China
Preparation of Zirconium-based Porous Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics via Sol-gel Precursors

Prof. Biljana Stojanovic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Why ceramic-polymer composite is a new Challenge for Flexible Electronics

Prof. Jialiang Zhang
Shandong University, China
Progresses on KNN-based Lead-free Ceramics and 1-3 Composites

Oral Presentations/Posters

Wojciech Franus, Lublin University of Technology, Poland
Production of lightweight aggregate from used zeolitic materials after spent motor oil sorption